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A Focus on Insights and Outcomes

As a leader, you understand your challenges and problems. What’s often at issue are the time and resources to create a plan to resolve them and the right people to implement your plan.

Leadership is where people and business strategies must align. It has become absolutely clear that operational excellence, innovative risk management, and great controls are not enough to ensure sustained performance. You need highly effective leaders to accomplish it. People, beginning with leadership, form the core operating system of every organization and are the determining factor in how successful you are.

This is where we offer critical support. Chet Marino is a trusted business advisor whose insight and broad experience help you achieve your desired outcomes. With perspective and focus on accelerated leader, team, and business performance, we help you develop and implement highly effective solutions. Our goal is to ensure that you actually achieve what you’re picturing in your mind.

Solutions for a Range of Needs

Working with you, we review your business strategies and goals and help prioritize the things that add value to your business. We can serve as your long-term partner or as your business facilitator in implementing short-term improvement projects.

With the capability to develop and implement solutions in diverse situations, we’ll collaborate with you in the following areas:

Our 3-Step Framework: Assess-Plan-Implement


Initially, we help you define clear goals and choices. Clarity underpins any successful improvement project. Identifying both short- and long-term goals helps you make decisions strategically rather than reacting to circumstances that arise. In our initial review we discover the depth and breadth of the issues and identify their root causes. We also strive to understand past mistakes, errors and failures that might apply to current projects so that you can learn and profit from them and take a different path.

Read more about the assessments we offer.


In the second phase, we develop the improvement process. We work with leaders to create a long-term plan and engage with project teams to achieve short-term goals. The plan may involve a single focus or issue or be a full-scale business improvement project. Planning includes prioritizing and sequencing solutions and generating buy-in for change.


Facilitating implementation is a major focus and area of our expertise. It’s the place where many companies falter without the strong guidance and commitment of an advisor.

Implementation can have a number of components, including: regular coaching sessions with the CEO or other leaders, team and leadership meetings, communication and reporting, goal tracking, board updates, accountability checks, and anything else that helps us drive the process with you. Our goal is to make complex issues simple through superior execution.

Because your needs are unique to your business and vary over time, we offer several levels of service within this framework. Please contact us to explore your challenges and see how our Business Advisory Services might help resolve them.

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I have complete trust in Verus Partners. I've worked with Chet Marino on several projects and know I can count on his integrity, reliability, and thoroughness to achieve the desired results.

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