Change Success

Boost your organization’s probability of change success.

Change is unavoidable for a business to grow, respond to customer needs, and address the evolving competitive landscape. But change can be a challenge. Typically only 30% of change projects succeed, so imagine the savings in time, profit, growth and energy if you could boost that figure to 70%.

Using Mindshop founder Dr. Chris Mason’s ground-breaking change success methodology, Verus Partners can help you develop strategies to boost your probability of change success; prevent “ground hog” years where targets are set but rarely realized; and uncover the root causes, rather than the symptoms, of what may be blocking your ability to successfully change.

How we deliver

We have experience across a myriad of industries and business sizes to support the development of a clear plan to boost your probability of change success, based on:

  • The history of change management
  • Revealing Dr. Chris Mason’s change success methodology
  • Discovering the 3 key factors and 10 subfactors of change success
  • Understanding how to overcome barriers to change

Prevent “ground hog” years in your business.

Verus Partners’ change success process includes:

  • Auditing your initiative’s current probability of change success
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Prioritizing your key change issues
  • Developing strategies to improve change success
  • Driving strategies into specific actions
  • Writing a clear and concise “one-page plan” for change success
  • Allocating responsibilities and timelines for action items

Verus Partners can assist you in turning your change success plans into reality by strengthening the implementation process with a combination of face-to-face and online advisory support. The likelihood of implementation success is greatly improved because all actions are captured online so your people are held accountable for timely delivery; plus any training they need can be delivered when and where they need it, on a “just-in-time” online basis or in person.

Contact us to discuss your specific change success needs. We look forward to working with you.


I have complete trust in Verus Partners. I've worked with Chet Marino on several projects and know I can count on his integrity, reliability, and thoroughness to achieve the desired results.

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