Leadership Development

Good leadership is defined by results, not attributes.

Learn how to be an effective leader regardless of your role or seniority in a business. Anybody can read up on leadership theories, but Verus Partners makes information actionable. Our solution focuses on implementation of leadership principles and how to be an effective leader in a volatile and unpredictable environment.

We have experience across a myriad of industries and business sizes and will guide you through a proven set of tools and methodologies to increase your leadership effectiveness. These include:

  • Core values – Building your vision requires that you have a strong foundation of values which can then be used as decision tools defining the “way of life” within your organization.
  • Leadership style – A good leader can adapt and use different leadership styles for given situations.
  • Delegation – What would you delegate if you had the people, they had the capability, and you had the confidence in them?
  • Locus of control – To what degree do you believe you are in control of your destiny? Understand the personal barriers that are impeding the development and attainment of your vision.
  • Managing vs. leading – Are you a manager or a leader? They are in fact two very different roles requiring different strengths.

Practical outcomes, not theory

Verus Partners uses a unique set of tools to drive leadership development processes and ensure that they become the blueprint for “business as usual.” You will:

  • Attend workshops facilitated by an experienced business advisor
  • Walk away with a clear and concise “one-page plan” for your leadership development
  • Learn a series of leadership tools you can use yourself to develop others in the business

Verus Partners can assist you in turning your leadership development plans into reality by strengthening the implementation process with a combination of face-to-face and online advisory support. All actions are captured online; just-in-time training is provided; and participants are held accountable for their timely delivery.

Aiming to improve your leadership effectiveness over the next 12 months? Engage us to help make those plans a reality.

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I have complete trust in Verus Partners. I've worked with Chet Marino on several projects and know I can count on his integrity, reliability, and thoroughness to achieve the desired results.

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