Executive Coaching

A coach ensures that you find time to think and lead at a higher level.

Verus Partners’ Philosophy

As a business leader, you are tasked with creating the company’s vision, building its strategic plans, and developing the people and culture that will help your company achieve its highest potential. Challenges tend to arise in the midst of your visioning and planning as your teams require consistent guidance and support to reach their objectives and complete long-term projects. This can leave you with little time or support, along with the risk of the important work of visioning, planning, and people development getting buried under the day-to-day constraints.

The insights of a trusted coach who advises and supports you through these types of challenges can help ensure that the desired outcomes you envisioned are achieved. Verus Partners’ direct and personal approach provides the opportunity to evaluate what is, and then freely think about where there is potential for change and growth. Together, we prioritize the things that add value to your business and your skills as a leader.

Leveraging Your Strengths

Verus Partners provides a collaborative environment that brings clarity and quiet confidence to your leadership. It becomes a personal and unique support system that enables you to:

  • Align management practices with organizational objectives
  • Gain the knowledge, tools, and support to be a more effective leader
  • Align the organization’s needs with people’s skills and interests
  • Time to develop creative solutions to long-standing challenges
  • Leverage your strengths

Coaching Process

Verus Partners makes a comprehensive and individual assessment of your leadership characteristics to determine the most effective ways to accentuate the positives to meet your specific challenges and objectives. We provide tools for improvement, including critical assessments. We bring 25 years of experience working with executives to collaborate with you and ensure that you and your team develop the relevant skills that will align with your company’s talent and business strategies, and are also anchored to your mission, values, and culture.

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What I really like about Chet’s approach is he centers all his involvement with executives based on the goals for them and the business.

Chairman, Industrial distributor

I really appreciated being able to work with Chet and understanding how my personal traits and characteristics related directly to my work experiences. He proved to be a great sounding board for situations and a diligent accountability partner.

CFO, Commercial Services Company

I have found Chet to be fun, engaging, and insightful. He has been a tremendous help in my executive development. I would highly recommend Chet to anyone looking to further their personal development.

General Manager, Industrial Products Company

Chet Marino has been extremely effective in helping me understand my communication style; both its strengths and areas that needed change. There have been many “ahah!” moments working with Chet. He is personable, but willing to challenge beliefs and help me be a better communicator and leader.

VP Marketing, Industrial Distributor

It doesn’t come easy for C-level executives to effectively manage growth and simultaneously collaborate productively with team members. Reaching deep into both the philosophical and operational aspects of leadership, Chet Marino helps you understand and focus on the qualities that support excellence. He will challenge you with a different perspective and new insight on how you do things now and how you can change. Working with Chet gives you a new outlook on what it means to lead and collaborate with all of those you interact with on a regular basis.

COO, Global Franchising Company

I have worked with many executive coaches over the years, none like Chet. He really makes me feel comfortable and gives me real suggestion’s (that work) for communicating better.

Vice President Operations, Business Services Company

We have worked with Chet Marino for over a year, and we can absolutely say that Chet has had a huge impact on our culture in developing our performance based philosophies and providing excellent executive coaching. Chet is a real pro who knows how to handle delicate situations which result in win, win outcomes.

CEO, Industrial Distributor