Succession Planning

A proactive approach to leadership succession.

Verus Partners understands the importance of having a clear, comprehensive succession plan in place long before it’s needed. How would it affect your business if members of your senior team left to join a competitor or start their own business? What if a key executive suddenly became ill and could no longer work? Every organization needs strong leaders—and a process for replacing them when the time comes.

Only a fraction of organizations have a formal succession plan in place; most don’t even think about it until someone leaves unexpectedly. A strategic succession plan not only gives you a competitive edge, it also ensures continuity and sustainability.

What We Deliver

Verus Partners works collaboratively with business owners, CEOs and boards to craft succession plans that can be smoothly implemented in the case of either unexpected or planned executive departures. In addition to planning, we see clients through the most challenging of transitions with advice and support that helps maintain stakeholders’ confidence.

We help build your plan around a process that includes identifying and developing internal and external candidates with the potential to become your future leaders; and creating a responsible and accountable succession planning committee.

Our services include: a review of current succession plans; evaluation of leadership pipelines; gap analysis; and consultation on external executive searches. We also provide practical guidance on business planning, strategy development, team alignment, values, culture, change management, recruitment, performance management and coaching.

How you benefit

Having a plan in place enhances your organizational effectiveness, credibility, confidence, engagement, and retention of top talent, all of which help solidify your management team. Your people will recognize and appreciate the investment you are making in them, raising morale.

Succession planning is not a one-size-fits all prescription, and it’s worth seeking expert help. Please contact me to review your current process with you, or put a plan in place if you don’t currently have one. Let me help ensure continuity of your leadership team.


I have complete trust in Verus Partners. I've worked with Chet Marino on several projects and know I can count on his integrity, reliability, and thoroughness to achieve the desired results.

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