Successful, thriving companies happen with the combination of strong vision, clear goals, and the right people. Executive teams are aligned for maximum business advantage, the business culture is thriving, and people and teams are motivated to use their gifts to achieve the company’s overall vision.


At times, challenges arise that undermine your company’s potential, or slow its progress. Whether it’s a leadership team that is missing key talent, or there are unclear goals and a lack of direction from the top causing inefficiencies which ultimately affect profit and growth, you know you must act swiftly to keep the organization on track toward success. Oftentimes, you just need some support to reach your company’s goals in a balanced way. But, where to start? This is where Verus Partners comes in.

We help companies reach their highest potential by helping you, the executive, reach yours. We provide assistance in clarifying key business objectives and goals, identify the areas that need greater scrutiny in order to achieve them, and execute a step-by-step game plan.


We recognize that each company is unique, and at a different place in their development. We will work closely with you and your executive team to uncover the areas that require attention. These areas of focus may include any combination of the following:

  • Align human capital with business strategy
  • Develop a robust leadership pipeline
  • Build teams into high functioning groups that drive sustained superior performance
  • Improve time to performance for leaders transitioning to new roles
  • Mitigate risk and increase shareholder confidence


Verus Partners leverages decades of knowledge and experience working with companies across a wide range of industries to help you achieve your potential as an executive, and enable you to build and maintain a successful, thriving company. Chet Marino has successfully guided leaders by focusing on three main areas:

Chet brings nearly thirty years of experience advising leaders. He takes a well-structured approach with the use of proven methods and tools to identify the talents of people and teams, and provides ways to support their development to ultimately achieve success for your business.

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Verus Partners has proven to be a strategic partner with us as we strive to improve and develop our people. In particular, Chet has been instrumental in improving performance from our key players, helping us achieve our corporate goals, and most importantly, improving lives.

CEO, Automotive Services Company